Board of Trustees

The St. Augustine Montessori Community Board of Trustees holds its regularly scheduled monthly meetings on the first Monday of each month at 6:00 P.M.

Meetings will be held at the school location, 7 Williams Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084.

The agendas may include, but are not limited to, organizational affairs, State and District requirements, fundraising items, facilities items, and academic affairs.

Board Functions

The SAMC Board of Trustees is committed to maintaining the best possible authentic Montessori education for the community we serve. Rather than becoming involved in administrative and operational details which are best handled by the Director, the Board is ideally positioned to look at the big picture and see the best path for achieving the goals and mission as outlined in the Charter Application. We welcome input from you, the community, to help maintain this vision and consistently remind us that what we do is vitally important to you.

The Board is charged with stewarding and strengthening Montessori programs and services, enhancing the school’s public standing, ensuring legal and ethical integrity and accountability, ensuring stable financial standing, recruiting and orienting new board members, and long-term strategic planning. Other responsibilities include: selecting and collaborating with the Director to provide adequate and competent resources; and, ensuring and promoting effective organizational planning and monitoring for the exemplary delivery of a quality Montessori program.

St. Augustine Montessori Community is accepting Letters of Interest for Board of Trustees positions. Those interested in being considered should submit a Resume (or summary of experience) and Letter of Interest to

Trustees are elected for three-year terms, which may be renewed at the discretion of the Board.

For a description of Board roles and responsibilities, please see the Bylaws of the organization.

Typical Time Commitments

  • Board training (4 hours online) and fingerprinting background check
  • Monthly Board meetings (typically 2 hours in length)
  • 3-4 half-day Board workshops per year (budget, planning, evaluation)
  • Attendance at certain school events, such as Community Meetings, open houses and its winter and spring gatherings
  • Devoting time to individual projects (amount varies)

The total time expectation, including meetings, preparation, and special events, is approximately 8-12 hours per month. The following officer positions typically require the following increased time commitments:

President – 8 hours per week

Secretary – 12 hours per month

Treasurer – 24 hours per month


Prospective Trustee Review Process

The Nominating Committee will seek people that add to a well-balanced group which brings together a range of professional skills capable of the organizational, financial, pedagogical, legal, and other tasks required for a public Montessori school. Specifically seeking candidates who possess the following characteristics:

  • Commitment to the Montessori mission and philosophy of St. Augustine Public Montessori School above all else
  • A demonstrated understanding of and passion for Montessori education
  • Previous experience serving on an non-profit or governmental Board and knowledge of organization development, strategic thinking, organizational growth, or strategic legal and non-profit issues
  • General understanding of Charter School governance
  • Ability to lend expertise in a strategic area of operations with skills and abilities which the Board currently seeks: community connections, financial, large individual/private fundraising, real estate, legal, Montessori
  • Experience taking official minutes and distributing them in a timely manner
  • An ability to support the Board governing structure and to meet board work expectations
  • An understanding of the fiduciary responsibilities a board member holds for the school
  • An awareness and acceptance of board responsibilities and the related risk inherent in those responsibilities
  • Commitment to being an ambassador for St. Augustine Public Montessori School
  • Commitment to conduct Principal Leadership Evaluation in compliance with State requirements and School Mission
  • Ability and willingness to work collaboratively
  • A willingness to engage in deliberative and cooperative decision-making
  • Ability to detach from individual child and view the whole school of children
  • Ability to provide objective perspective free of bias
  • Eagerness to reflect and embrace a diversity of students

The process of determining nominations for board members is as follows:

  • Conduct an initial screening of letters of interest/resumes
  • Interview promising candidates
  • Check for competencies
  • Discuss the qualifications of candidates and their value to the Board
  • Provide potential nominees with adequate information about SAPMS’s mission and governance for the candidate to make a knowledgeable and informed decision on their fit for the Board.
  • Clarify to candidates the time commitment and expectations required from individual members
  • Present slate of willing and qualified nominees to the Board

Final Board selection will be made in accordance with the provisions outlined in the bylaws.

These policies are guiding principles for governance purposes only. Notwithstanding anything in this policy or in any other policy to the contrary, no policy, directly or indirectly, (a) confers, or is intended to confer any right or remedy upon any person, or (b) inures to the benefit of, nor may it be relied upon by, any person under any circumstance whatsoever. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, no policy, directly or indirectly, constitutes an agreement or contract with any person, whether as to employment or any other issue. For contract issues or other enforceable agreements, persons must look to specific valid written agreements or to common law without reference to any policy.